San Martin: Cloud optimization and continuous improvement

Executive summary

San Martin's rapid expansion presented various challenges for the organization to ensure that maximum value was being obtained from cloud investments. San Martin engaged ITZ DATA to implement Cloud Standup, a model for optimization and continuous improvement with which they were able to establish a robust foundation to drive the company's growth.

About the customer

Founded in 1974 as a neighborhood bakery in Guatemala City, San Martín has grown steadily for almost 40 years and has become a leader in the bakery and restaurant segments in Central America with over 60 restaurants and 4,000 employees. It has physical locations, an e-commerce platform and is currently expanding operations in the United States.


The company's accelerated expansion in recent years confronted a small IT team with a significant increase in projects and cloud resource requirements. This resulted in some challenges such as:

  • IT dispersion: there was a need to establish control and governance processes over the creation and administration of cloud resources.
  • Cost optimization: there was a perception that resources could be optimized to reduce costs.
  • Implementation of best practices: there was a pending task to implement AWS best practices.

Why ITZ Data?

As part of the company's aggressive growth plans, San Martín began an initiative to strengthen the IT organization through team restructuring, creation of centers of excellence and implementation of new control processes. Cloud optimization and continuous improvement was a fundamental pillar of the initiative.

San Martín turned to the experts at ITZ DATA due to their recognized experience and quality of service to support defining the AWS governance strategy. To this end, ITZ DATA engineers worked together with San Martín's IT team to implement Cloud Standup for AWS.


Results and benefits

  • AWS cost reduction of 25% during the first month of operation.
  • Implementation of security best practices based on the AWS Well-Architected Framework.
  • Simplification of operations -reduction in the amount of instances: 55% less RDS instances, 37% less load balancers and 25% EC2 instances.

Plans for the future:

"Looking forward, San Martin is prepared to continue its aggressive international expansion, now with a solid foundation in its cloud operations. 

We continue working closely with the ITZ DATA team in our new initiatives." 

– Willy Morales, IT Director, San Martin

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