Ministry of Labor - Cloud platform for citizen services

Executive summary

The Labor Ministry (MINTRAB) is the government institution charged with overseeing and fomenting proper labor practices and implementing public policies and public programs. The ministry regulates labor relations in Guatemala. More information:

MINTRAB embarked on a citizen services project aimed at professional development for guatemalan citizens. Through a new web portal, the ministry centralized supply and demand for talent and job opportunities available in different fields and industries. Together with ITZ Data, the ministry launched the portal TUEMPLEO, a completely new job board with fast deployment and dynamic scalability where job searchers and employers could offer and apply to job positions.

About the customer

With more than 60 years promoting wellfare for the employed population, the Labor Ministry harmonizes labor relations between employees and employers in Guatemala. With the objective of promoting professionalization of guatemalan citizenry, MINTRAB is also charged with other responsibilities such as defining minimum wages, creating public employment programs and decentralized administration and spreading of information for employment opportunities.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing confinement introduced the need to address labor markets from virtual spaces in order to meet its function of public service in a time of economic and social crisis. This created the need to introduce improvements in citizen attention through innovation and technology. In this manner, the ministry began a journey of institutional modernization focused on cloud adoption. In order to ensure success, the ministry decided to incorporate best practices for cloud-native architecture.


  1. Open a channel of communication for promoting professional development in the fastest manner possible within the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and with a high standards for quality and security.
  2. Design a platform architecture from the perspective of resiliency, agility and scalability, in a manner that can respond to peaks in demand without any perceivable impact to the user experience.
  3. Manage PII under strict security standards and deploy new features and optimizations without disrupting the service.

Why AWS?

The ministry looked to provide a public and free service for labor intermediation for government and private sectors at the national level. A key requirement at the start of the project is that it should run natively on AWS, the global leading cloud platform.

Why ITZ Data?

ITZ Data is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner with a team with extensive experience in cloud-native architecture. For the ministry, it was critical to work with a partner with strong technical capabilities with whom they could work together on this key project. ITZ Data has specialized in cloud-native, serverless development and DevOps.


A cloud platform was proposed running on AWS with a high availability architecture involving:

  • On the application layer, EC2 instances were configured in different AZ's
  • An Aurora MySQL managed database service with Multi-AZ for high availability
  • Shared storage using AWS EFS
  • Protection against DDoS with AWS WAF

Results and benefits

  • Innovation: the Labor Ministry can promote employment and economic growth opportunities for people.

  • Opportunities: Contributing to economic reactivation in the country through an AWS-native plarform, adapting labor intermediation services to current technological and health standards.

  • Agility: Reformulating the model for designing and developing public services. Creation and rollout of services that address citizen needs in a fast, efficient and safe manner.

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