Rafael Landivar University: Successful cloud transformation with ITZ DATA and AWS

Executive summary

In an ambitious step towards innovation in the higher education sector, Rafael Landivar University (known as URL in Spanish) decided to deploy their new Educator Training platform on the AWS cloud. This strategic change not only marked a milestone in technological modernization but also strengthened their commitment to academic excellence.

About the customer

Founded in 1961 in Guatemala City, Rafael Landivar University is a higher education institution of jesuit tradition with more than 30,000 students. URL strives for academic excellence, which means a higher quality of ideas, principles and actions through which as professionals, administrators and students from the URL community can establish themselves to go above and beyond their duty.


The Moodle LMS administration team identified several challenges that could be addressed by deploying the new Moodle platform for Educator Training on the cloud:

  • Simplification of operational procedures to manage system availability and reduce response times for infrastructure delivery.
  • With campuses across the country, the university wished to have the capabilities to add more Educators to the platform and offer courses to a wider audience.
  • Flexibility to publish and offer courses in a dynamic manner, without limitations on the number of students that could enroll.
  • Make Moodle update tasks easier, enabling continuous innovations to the platform and improvements to the student experience through implementing plugins, new functionalities and extensions.

Why AWS?

URL selected AWS because it is the leader in cloud services and has well documented reference architectures and best practices for deploying Moodle-based LMS platforms.

Why ITZ Data?

The success of this transformation was thanks to the strategic collaboration with ITZ DATA.

«"The ITZ DATA team knows how to listen to the customer. They understood our requirements and knew how to address them in a fast and transparent manner, which did not affect the end users. Their team of experts are flexible and adapt to change." 

- Omar Galindo, Moodle Platform Administrator


The proposed solution comprised the following components:

  • Design and evaluation of Moodle on AWS architectures with various levels of availability and scalability.
  • Deployment of Moodle LMS platform on AWS.
  • Soporte técnico y asesoría continua.

Results and benefits

  • Student experience: platform scalability on demand.
  • Innovation: implementation of new plugins to provide more functionality.
  • Simplification: fast and repeatable deployments.

Plans for the future:

Looking forward, the university has ambitious plans to continue improving their education environment:

  • Improve admissions tests: perform simultaneous admission tests, providing a more efficient and equitable experience for applicants.
  • Expand open enrollment courses: the university looks to leverage the capacity of the cloud to offer more open enrollment courses, providing students with a broader offering of educational opportunities.

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