Plus Technologies & Innovations: Cloud-native transformation

Executive summary

Plus Technologies & Innovations (PlusTI) is a leading vendor of fraud detection and anti-money laundering solutions. Hundreds of financial institutions around the world trust Plus TI's solutions to keep their operations secure and in compliance with international norms. More information:

PlusTI embarked on a cloud-native project to take advantage of the benefits of the cloud, provide more deployment alternatives for its customers and explore new innovative use cases for its technology. Together with ITZ Data specialists, PlusTI transformed the complete Monitor Plus® platform into a cloud-native architecture with capabilities for fast deployment and dynamic scalability, at the service of the most demanding financial institutions in the world.

About the customer

With more than 20 years as a strategic ally in the building of a more secure financial world, PlusTI is a pioneer in solutions for transactional monitoring for fraud detection using machine learning. PlusTI's solutions use high performance technologies with low latency to deliver immediate results and ensure a high quality and secure experience for its customers and users. Additionally, PlusTI is a world leader in solutions for fraud prevention, anti-money laundering and terrorism financing. PlusTI's solutions are found deployed in hundreds of financial institutions across the world.

As a part of the continuous innovation roadmap for their platform and the opportunity to work with new types of customers such as "born in the cloud" fintechs and other types of non-financial customers, PlusTI's leadership team decided to reframe their platform, adopting best practices around cloud-native architecture. Modern cloud services were leveraged such as containers / kubernetes, managed database services, DevOps practices and embedded security.


  • Reframe the technology platform architecture to maximize the benefits of running in the cloud from the perspectives of resilience, agility and scalability.
  • Enable easy integration with diverse transactional systems that their customers run.
  • Strict compliance with security and data protection policies for the financial sector in several countries.

Why AWS?

Due to the fact that PlusTI already works with diverse financial institutions with regional and global operations, it was a key requirement that the new architecture run natively on AWS, the global cloud platform leader. Many PlusTI customers already run their critical workloads on AWS and prefer to work with vendors with experience and knowledge of AWS.

Why ITZ Data?

ITZ Data es un AWS Partner de consultoría que cuenta con un equipo de ingeniería con extensa experiencia en arquitectura cloud-native. Para Plus TI, era clave elegir a un socio con fortaleza técnica con quien pudiera trabajar en conjunto en un proyecto estratégico para su plataforma. ITZ Data se ha especializado en arquitectura cloud-native, desarrollo serverless y DevOps, temas de importancia crítica para el éxito del proyecto.


The proposed solution comprised the following components:

  • Cloud Standup for AWS
  • Rearchitecting the application for containers
  • Deployment on AWS EKS
  • Implementing managed database services (Amazon RDS for SQL Server)
  • Integrating AWS serverless services for application integration and messaging.
  • Dynamic scaling of infrastructure.
  • Observability and monitoring of internal components.
  • Automated deployment of the platform using DevOps tools.

Results and benefits

  • Innovation: PlusTI launched to the market a new version of its platform for customers that wish to run natively on AWS.
  • Opportunities: easy to deliver PlusTI's solution quickly to customers in any part of the world.
  • Performance and resiliency: dynamic scalability and availability.

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