Updating Data Efficiently in SAP Dev and QA Environments

Case Study: Updating Data Efficiently in SAP Dev and QA Environments


A large business conglomerate was facing long lead times for updating the data on their Dev and QA database environments. The update procedure was also impacting the performance of the Production environment. Itzdata analyzed the tools used for the update procedure and implemented native tools for Oracle Database to make the procedure more efficient.


A large business conglomerate runs its SAP ERP using Oracle Database. SAP’s architecture requires separate environments for production, QA and Development. Each environment has its own database and all application changes have to go through Development and QA before reaching Production.


Periodically, the QA database environment must be updated with production data. This data update must be as efficient as possible in a short timeframe. This procedure can be complicated and slow when using native SAP tools (BRTools) which rely on generic technology that is not optimized for Oracle Database. If the data update is not done in an efficient manner, the procedure can take several days depending on the amount of data. Even worse, the procedure can have a negative impact on production environment performance.


Itzdata’s experts were brought in to optimize the data update procedure in order to make it faster and have the least possible impact to the production environment. Itzdata’s experts recommended using Oracle native tools for more efficient data update. Recovery Manager and Data Guard were recommended as the appropriate tools for the procedure. This procedure can also be used for database server migrations, software updates and patching.


Generic SAP tools were substituted with native Oracle Database tools. Recovery Manager was implemented which enabled the use of parallelism when performing backups and also backing up only the specific data required for updating Dev and QA environments.


  • 70% time reduction in updating SAP environments which enables the business to implement changes faster
  • With BRTools, a data update took up to 3 days for the largest database. Now it takes 12 hours
  • The data update procedure was reimplemented in three othe Itzdata customers that run SAP.

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