Ensure business continuity through a highly available database architecture

High Availability and Disaster Recovery

Customers increasingly demand that their services be available all day, every day of the year.

In response, our IT systems must be able to deliver on our customers expectations. Itzdata can help you design and implement a highly a available architecture and disaster recovery capabilities for Oracle databases.

Using tools like Real Application Clusters (RAC), Active Data Guard and GoldenGate, your database can meet strict SLA’s on service availability. Additionally, backup and recovery strategies must be implemented in order to cover all possible disaster recovery scenarios and meet business continuity requirements.

Itzdata experts can help you get there.

Improve business analytics by leveraging a high performance data warehousing platform

Data Warehouse

The data warehouse has taken a leading role in every company’s operations. It is no longer an isolated system only used by a small group of data experts or for reporting purposes. As a critical element for daily operations, the data warehouse has to meet the business’ demand for scalability, reliability and performance.

As the amount of available information has increased, companies are innovating their applications by incorporating more data into transactions. This increase in data typically involves data warehouse-type workloads as a part of transaction processing. Databases must be able to run quickly and efficiently across mixed workloads to enable a real-time business. This may involve partitioning tables, compressing data, optimizing code, etc.

Itzdata experts can help you design, build and tune your Oracle database for optimal data warehouse performance.

Achieve the highest possible Oracle Database performance by running on Exadata


Exadata is the flaghsip product in Oracle’s Engineered Systems portfolio and the fastest way to run the Oracle Database.

Oracle designed Exadata as a complete database platform combining processing, storage and software with the purpose of achieving high performance, reliability and simplicity. Migrating into Exadata is easy if you plan right and use a proven methodology. Itzdata consultants have experience migrating Oracle databases from other vendor hardware (IBM AIX, HP-UX, RHEL, etc.) into Exadata.

Operating and tuning an Exadata is different from a traditional database hardware architecture. Exadata offers a range of software optimizations that must be implemented properly in order to achieve Oracle’s advertised performance gains. The DBA plays a central role in managing and optimizing the complete hardware and software stack.

Itzdata provides specialized DBA services to help customers migrate into and run Exadata.

Optimize your database through SQL tuning and parameter configuration

Performance Tuning

Many critical business applications suffer performance bottlenecks at the database layer due to non-optimized database parameters or code.

The Oracle Database offers a range parameters and options to tune performance. Database tuning typically also involves analyzing application code and making it work better with how the database handles instructions.

Itzdata experts understand how the Oracle Database works and know how to tune it for optimal performance. We optimize applications at the code level for telecommunications companies that process large numbers of transactions.

Keep your database up-to-date and secure by implementing new software features, infrastructure and patching

Migration / Replatform

As database technology evolves we must constantly be up to date with patching to protect our data from security vulnerabilities. Additionally, we must also leverage new functionality to help meet changing business requirements.

Migrating and replatforming databases may involve several different activities:

  • Moving to new database software versions and editions
  • Enabling and implementing new software capabilities
  • Hardware refresh
  • Migrating to the cloud

Itzdata consultants help customers migrate and replatform hundreds of databases every year.

Extract maximum value from your applications developed with Oracle tools

Oracle Forms and Reports / Fusion Middleware

Owners of applications developed with Oracle tools are faced with several strategic decisions for running their applications in the long term.

Itzdata consultants specialize in Oracle Forms and Reports and help companies charter and execute their application roadmap.

Be it maintaining applications on current technologies, migrating to newer platforms, developing new software or reusing application functionality through a service-oriented approach, Itzdata can help you get there.