Application Migration At Large Regional Bank

Case Study: Application Migration At Large Regional Bank


A leading regional bank needed to upgrade its aging Oracle Forms/Reports core credit application from client-server to web. Itzdata helped the bank define a migration roadmap and execute it in 3 months.


A leading regional bank with a strong credit card portfolio had been enhancing their core credit card application for many years, building additional functionality to meet market and regulatory demands. The bank’s core credit card system and all its enhancements had been developed using Oracle Forms and Reports 6i (client-server).


The bank’s IT department was looking to reduce operational costs and cycle times by simplifying the administration and rollout of new functionality for their application. Additionally, support for older operating systems on their end user computers was past end of life and new operating systems were not certified to run the client-server application.


In order to achieve these objectives, the bank brought in Itzdata to help design and execute a roadmap for the application. The mid-term solution would be a migration from a client-server (Oracle Forms/Reports 6i) to a web-based architecture (Oracle Forms/Reports 11g) while reusing all the additional software that had been previously developed over many years.


The complete process took 3 months, following a methodology:

  1. Inventory of all application modules requiring migration
  2. Classification of modules by migration complexity and business impact
  3. Definition of migration standards
  4. Migration impact assessment for each module
  5. Designing a project plan and milestones
  6. Migration execution
  7. Performance and functional testing

WebUtil was configured as a resource to execute various application processes on the client side and the application modules were adapted to the new architecture, with the most impact being the substitution of form parameters on Oracle Reports.


  • After the migration, the application users experienced a significant performance improvement.
  • The bank’s application support team implemented new administration and rollout procedures which were much more efficient, controlled and fast due to not having to update the application on each end user’s system.
  • Additional security functionality was implemented for users by restricting the printing and copying of PDF reports.
  • The core credit card application continued to meet the bank’s corporate and regulatory standards.